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Vortex Hydro  supplies brand new imported equipment and spare parts. There is a 12 month warranty period from the date of the
Hydro Equipment is usually of a hydro power nature and understanding of the operation of the equipment, basic
maintenance as well as operator competency is critical for the machine to function properly.
A warranty is only granted if there is a machine that is defective or a part of machine that is defective as a result of or due to a
manufacturing fault.
There are full technical diagrams and service manuals available for units that are out of the warranty period if needed.
Vortex Hydro is not responsible for any damages such as loss of income or loss of business.
Vortex Hydro warrants every new or reconditioned part installed during any repair or maintenance work, and the labour required to
install it, for a period of three months after the date of installation.

Fair Wear and tear
Fair wear and tear generally means the amount of damage that happens through the ordinary day‐to‐day usage of the
equipment (e.g. scratches appear on the machine)
Conditions of operation can vary greatly and it is difficult to exactly specify what the wear and tear of equipment will be.

All equipment must be used by trained, competent operators only. Failure to adhere to this results in forfeiting your warranty. A
machine operations manual should come with the purchase of a machine, however if one is required please contact us. This
manual covers normal usage and basic day to day maintenance of the machine.

Vortex Hydro Warranty conditions
Vortex Hydro machines are suitable for a professional use. Warranty covers the manufacturing defects for a period of one year.
The beginning of the warranty period is the date the machine is sold to the final user, provided that this date can be traced back
with the invoice to final user, showing the serial number of the machine. In case this date cannot be traced, it will be possible to
determine when the machine was manufactured by Vortex Hydro and sold to the distributor by the serial number. The warranty
period will then start from the date the machine was sold to the distributor.
The distributor or service centre is responsible for solving the technical problems of the final users directly and/or replacing
parts at their own cost. Any warranty parts need to be requested from Vortex Hydro with the warranty claim form at a later stage for
replacement. Vortex Hydro will advise wheather an part needs to be returned or not.
Before replacing a part that seems defective, it is important to check that the failure of the part is not due to the actual
component and not other components connected to it. e.g. if the pump of a machine does not work because the rectifier has
failed, then the entire pump will not be replaced but just the rectifier.
Generally, a component disassembled from a machine and returned to Vortex Hydro cannot be replaced in warranty if the same
component it tested and found to be completely or partially working.