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QRT3000 Vortex Turbine Seal

Our axial type seals are specifically designed for application to hydroelectric turbines and large water pumps for sewage handling, filtration, irrigation, and more.

Our axial type seals are self aligned, balanced split face seals capable of withstanding the heavy torques, pressures, shaft movements (radial and axial) and thrusts associated with such shaft systems. Depending on the turbine’s operating conditions, many custom arrangements can be used.

The sealing action takes place between two mating rings; one stationary, the Sealing Ring, the other rotating with the shaft, the Seat Ring. The axial direction of the sealing action prevents damage to the turbine or pump shaft, since the wear is taking place between the Seat and the Sealing Rings, and not on the shaft.

The Sealing Ring is held in contact with the Seat Ring by a spring force and the hydraulic force of flushing water. These properties balance the seal at all times.

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