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Bulb Hydro Turbine


Unrivaled power capacity ratio for low heads

With more than 300 bulb units installed worldwide, Vortex Hydro brings expertise in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management of complex bulb projects, for a wide range of environmental conditions.

The term “Bulb” describes the shape of the upstream watertight casing which contains a generator located on a horizontal axis.

Runner configuration is crucial to optimizing a turbine unit for each individual project. Vortex Hydro can help to optimize each unit for the peak performance within its environment.
Shaft Line and Bearings

Two radial bearings ensure the stability of the horizontal shaft line while the turbine is in operation.
Advanced Generator Design

Vortex Hydro engineers our turbines to ensure reliability in a range of operating environments and circumstances. They have been developed to handle conditions such as roundness and air gap concentricity, and have been successfully applied in bulb units up to 60 MVA.
Downstream Gate

A draft tube gate ensures a reliable protective system for bulb units, providing:

Protection against runaway conditions
Downstream isolation during unit dewatering
Sluice operation

Efficient Development and Construction

To ensure a fast and streamlined construction, we’ve developed a sreamlined process in which the following systems are assembled simultaneously:

Rotor, stator, and bulb nose in the upstream pit.
Runner hub, blades, turbine cone, and runner discharge in the downstream pit.
Turbine accessories.