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Welcome to Vortex Hydro SA

Vortex Hydro is proud to offer the industry’s best solutions for the design & supply of auxiliary systems dedicated for Power Generation applications.

Our recognized expertise in the design and supply of Turnkey Balance-of-Plant Solution for Hydro Power applications is now utilized by an ever increasing number of users and manufacturers of gas and steam turbines, as well as for several industrial process applications around the world.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to choosing a reliable and recognized partner able to supply your mechanical BOP package, Vortex Hydro is your best choice.  Vortex Hydro is the only independent supplier able to develop, design and manufacture the best and most complete “Turnkey Mechanical Balance-of-Plant” solutions of the industry.

We assure the best quality / price ratio for all our clients. Our team offers an unmatched combination of experience, products, skills and manufacturing know-how.


Experience counts

We take great pride in contributing to the success of your projects. Vortex Hydro strives to help fulfill your projects in the most efficient way. This is why we deliver the most economical, reliable, durable and well integrated mechanical auxiliary packages.

Whether your needs are for a new installation or for the upgrade of an already existing one, whether your project is large or small, do not hesitate to contact us early.